Wednesday, November 5, 2008

At the end of September, I returned to live and write in my erstwhile home of Berkeley, California. It's a dream life, amidst fruit trees, bicycle boulevards and, not too far away, the Pacific Ocean. The daily routine is a bit absurd. Morning buns at La Farine, followed by solitary sessions under a redwood canopy, and then, late afternoon, off to the coast with Pepe the Oaxacan wonder, Philip the Great and what they like to call "tamale power" procurred from 24th street in the Mission. We are always in search of the next best wave, however crappy it may actually be. Maybe Rockaway, maybe Montara, but most likely Half Moon Bay. The water temperature is somewhere in the 50s, not exactly easy on the naked toes, but oddly refreshing, especially when it licks up just as you make it over the lip. Anyway, I'll be here for a little while.

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c.lo said...

ahh, sounds like such a lovely life. why not linger here a little longer?