Friday, February 6, 2009

2046: A world without blemishes?

Way, way back in high school, I sat next to a kid in science class who once prophesied that there would be no more ugly people. Natural selection, he announced, would have it so that the weak, stupid and unattractive would be weeded out of the gene pool. And launched today is Modelinia, a website all about, what else, but models -- here to prove that even though there are plenty of non superficially-beautiful people still evolving in the human race, the end for us might be near! ...You think I'm only kidding.

Wherever the truth lies, I, a self-proclaimed intellectual freak with a penchant for despising all things materialistically impractical and low-calorie, thoroughly enjoyed my viewing experience of Modelinia. My prediction? Bye-bye cable TV.

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