Tuesday, March 17, 2009

32 Stories

My friend Adrian Tomine has a new (old) book coming out next month. A revamped-edition of 32 Stories. He says the existing book version was going out of print, and instead of settling for a reissue, he decided to do a little artistic overhaul: "...present it more like little artifacts from my teen years, rather than a proper book. And that supplementary booklet does indeed feature my heinous yearbook photo on the cover, which kind of ties into the new essay that's inside. But I'm hoping it'll be kind of a funny surprise when people first open the box." And that's a Tomine quote hot off the gmail press.

I highly recommend picking this set up -- Adrian's been critically-acclaimed for years now, from his New Yorker illustrations to his Shortcomings epic. But these original Optic Nerve comics are the archetype (a word whose definition I particularly remember from freshman year of college when he did some kind of art project on it). Anyway, as I was saying, the mini-comics are what paved the path, before he moved to Brooklyn, grew that beard and got married. Now that I am in Berkeley, once again, and in fact, living in his old apartment, think I will re-read them myself.

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