Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rock on, Roquefort

My USTR contact just informed me the 300% Roquefort tariff has been delayed once again, pushing back to May 9 from April 23. This should allow more time to negotiate with the EU, and hopefully rescind the tax. Bated breath, my friends.

French Country Living

While waddling through France looking for food-related stories earlier this year, I simultaneously worked on a Country Living magazine feature, on chefs and their favorite recipes from their mothers. I know I sound like a luddite for being so impressed with technology, but I gotta say it was fairly awesome when I got a call from Sara Foster, who's based in North Carolina, while I was making faces with French cows in the Norman countryside. (Possibly as surreal as interviewing Frank Stitt over my cell phone from the floor of my friend's 6e Parisian flat at 2 a.m. GMT.) "Just Like Mom Used to Make" is out now, in the May issue, and also includes treasured recipes from PBS' Lidia Bastianich, Chicago-chef Rick Bayless, Lucques and AOC's Suzanne Goin, cookbook author Deborah Madison, Nancy Silverton (Mozza Osteria and La Brea Bakery),and Alabama's Frank Stitt.

(Pictures, above: Nancy Silverton's mom's Egg Salad Sandwich; below: Mrs. Foster's Chicken Pot Pie)

(More, left: Mrs. Goin's Priest's Pancakes and, right, Deborah Madison's mom's Cherry-Almond Babka)

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Took the 51 down to Shattuck last night and went to Halsey Chait's first solo show at the Firehouse North Gallery (1790 Shattuck Ave./Delaware). I've been waiting for this one for a while and glad to have been in the right place at the right time.

It takes him about 48 hours to finish each piece (please fact-check, I was only eavesdropping) and yes, he needs to take breaks. Fingers cramp,etc.

(Above) This is a close-up of my favorite, "Night City." Limited-edition archival pigment prints (of all show pieces) are affordable, for now.

And (below, left) the artist himself. Not bad, eh?

Friday, April 3, 2009


Unfortunately, my Giant Robot blog has been mysteriously corrupted and I can no longer post there. So it's as good a time as any to consolidate here.

Took the morning to head over to the water and catch a few waves. Before we mustered up the courage to paddle out at what we now refer to as "Ice Cubes," we stopped by a deli, where I ordered a bagel sandwich and started staring at the cover of this large-format magazine in the discard pile.

I immediately thought, "This guy is copping Dave Choe." And then I thought twice and sure enough...

It's the 2007 premiere issue of "boarding lifestyle" BL!SSS magazine -- and the best single-issue mag find since a friend got me the 1995 Drew Barrymore Playboy issue.

It's a nice, long interview, and ends with classic Dave: "I don't care about being right or wrong. I just want to live." I think he's still in China somewhere causing trouble...