Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nobody cut the cheese

Amazing. Our new government really is working for my specific needs. That absurd Bush-administration-imposed, 300% Roquefort tariff has finally been knocked down. Now, instead of taxing arbitrary EU food items to compensate for losses from the EU ban on hormone-fed U.S. beef, the USTR has negotiated to triple the amount of non-hormone U.S. beef exports over yonder. Logic - don't you love how it makes sense? And in fact, we should be seeing Roquefort prices dropping in about four years, when they remove all existing sanctions. If you're not quite a cheese fanatic, other items, like Pellegrino and ligonberry sauce, were also saved from the tax. This reminds me of the time Bloomberg banned smoking in restaurants, and almost makes up for the lack of universal healthcare. Well, not quite.