Monday, June 1, 2009

Last night

I was biking through Long Island City

listening to Tom Waits, Nina Simone, Cat Power, Karen O

feeling a bit lugubrious -- despite the glorious weather --

when suddenly out of nowhere, the sky exploded and

I was no longer in such a shit mood. In fact, I was ebullient.

Speaking of Karen O, she is on the latest cover of Nylon magazine. I have a few pieces published in that issue, including a feature on a French girl rock band called the Plastiscines, a bitty q&a with singer Anjulie, and a spread about up-and-coming UK musicians. A highlight from my Beth Jeans Houghton interview:

Do you still have a day job?
I did, up until last week. I worked in a magical coffee shop called Heaton Perk in Newcastle. They serve happiness on a plate if you ask nicely. But I had to leave because the boy I love lives above it and he got a new girlfriend and I didn’t want to hear them fucking.

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